Happy Goddess Day

Happy Goddess Day

Go Wuhan!
Salute the most beautiful retrograde

Maybe we can't clearly see what they are behind the masks and goggles, but each of us will remember the back they silently paid for. We believe everything will be fine, and it is because of them that we see hope and pay tribute to them! Hope they take care of themselves!
Happy Goddess Day

KOLITY gave heartwarming gifts to the family

To celebrate the Goddess Day, KOLITY  sent flowers and red envelopes to the company's female family members. Bless their family harmony, work smoothly, and happiness!
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Happy Goddess Day2
Happy Goddess Day4
Happy Goddess Day3
Happy Goddess Day5
Happy Goddess Day6
Important tips for epidemic prevention

When taking public transportation, it is advisable to keep a distance. Don't fit in or chat in public transportation. Remember to wash your hands and change your clothes when you get home. Hang the changed clothes in a ventilated area.