How to Choose The Right Door Hinge & Cabinet Hinges

How to Choose The Right Door Hinge & Cabinet Hinges

When comes to the selection of the hardware hinge, the options seem endless. Each type of door hinge has unique features. And how to select the right door hinge for your cabinet and door? This post would cover how to select the right door hinge.

Select your Door Overlay Style

The door overlay style is the first factor you need to consider because the hinge type you use should match the cabinet door style to make the door can be mounted with the proper amount of clearance. Two main styles of the overly are available in the market----inset doors and overlay doors. And the overlay door also can be divided into partial overlay and full overlay.

●Inset Doors: The cabinet door is on the same plane as the cabinet frame, and the frame surrounds the entire cabinet door. Inset cabinet hinges and butt hinges are the option to make the inset doors.

●Full Overlay: The full overlay door is also simply called an overlay. The full overlay door can fully cover the entire cabinet opening when closed. And when the door opens, the inside wood edge of the cabinet box is exposed. If you want to make a full overly door, you could use the following door hinges: full and partial wraparound, flush mount, surface mount, and full overlay cabinet hinges.

●Partial Overlay: The partial overlay door partially covers the cabinet box when the door closes. And the inside wood edge of the cabinet box also gets exposed when the door opens.

Exposed or Concealed Hinge?

Concealed hinge and exposed hinge both offer two different designs. The exposed hinges are visible and belong to part of the house design. They are the elements in the traditional American styles of cabinets and vintage styles. By contrast, the concealed hinges help to create a clean exterior look and a more contemporary style. And, butt hinges & concealed hinges are a good combination between them.
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Surface Mount or Mortised Hinge?

As its name implies, the surface mount hinges are installed on the surface of the cabinet material with cabinet hinge mounting plates and don’t need a hole or mortise to be drilled. Compared with the surface mount hinges, the mortised door hinges are designed to be recessed into the cabinet and require boring a hole to install.

Motion Features of Cabinet Hinge & Door Hinge

The motion features of cabinet hinges and door hinges such as soft closing, self closing, etc get more attention among the customers because they offer extra benefits to users. Here are the popular door hinges with motion features:

Self closing hinge: With the built-in hydraulics, the self close hinge could pull itself close, when the user closes the door and the door is 2'' away from closing.

Soft close hinge: It slowly and softly closes the door, when the door gets about 2’’ away from closing.

Self opening door hinge: Simply press the drawer front to pop open the door. The self opening door hinge is a good option for the modern style house which doesn’t have external cabinet hardware.

Furniture Hinge Recommendation

The many types of cabinet hinges are various in size and application. And, there are two major types of door hinges in Kolity. The following sections are to illustrate the two durable and ideal products.

Kolity Soft Close Hinge

The soft close hinge is a type of hydraulic hinge for cabinet. With the two-way design, the hydraulic hinge can well protect the cabinet. There are three types of soft close hinges: full overlay, half overly, and inset. Also, fix-on and clip-on are available in this door hinge. It has an upgraded anti-rust-resistance function and is easy to install with strong fastening.

Pivot Hinge

concealed pivot hinge
This pivot hinge not only could bear up to 35kg weight but also have the strong magnetic force to strengthen the door closing force. Second, it has anti-scratch gaskets which are more aesthetically pleasing. The hinge body is installed firmly and sturdily, and the three-dimensional adjustment screws are firm and smooth which can carry 2.8m high cabinet doors.


The door hinge has developed into various styles by the furniture hinge factory. Therefore, based on your needs, you can always find the ideal and right option in the door hinge. If you want to find the complete and right hardware hinge, you could contact kolity, one of the leading door hinge suppliers in China.