How Many Hinges Per Door

How Many Hinges Per Door

When you plan to redesign your house, you may stop in front of the door and try to hang some decorations or other items on the doors. Before doing that, you need to know how much weight can a door hinge hold. If you are not, it is possible to lead to your hinge works at overloading and make the door separate from the wall.

How Many Hinges Per Door

The height and door thickness is the most important factor determining the safe work loading and the number of hinges needed for the door. To give you a full understanding of how many hinges are needed per door and what size of door hinges are needed. Two charts is provided by the author.
Door Height Number of Hinges Per Door
Under 60" 2
60"-80" 3
80"-97" 4
97"-109" 5
Over 109" 6

From the chart, you can know that a door has a height of under 60inch needs 2 door hinges. Second, a door has a height of 60’’-80’’ needs 3 door hinges. Third, a door that has a height of 80’’-97’’ requires 4 door hinges. Forth, a door that has a height of 97’’-109’’ should be installed with 5 door hinges. At last, the door has a height of over 90’’ have to install with 6 door hinges for safe loading.
Door Thickness Door Width Hinge Size to Use
1-3/8-in Door Up to 32 in 3-1/2-in hinge
1-3/8-in Door 32 in to 36 in 4-in hinge
1-3/4-in Door Up to 36 in 4-1/2-in hinge
1-3/4-in Door 36 in to 48 in 5-in hinge
1-3/4-in Door Over 48 in 6-in hinge
2-in,2-1/4-in,2-1/2-in door Up to 42 in 5-in heavy-duty commercial hinge
2-in,2-1/4-in,2-1/2-in door Over 42 in 6-in heavy-duty commercial hinge

In the second chart, the author would list the relations between the size of the door hinge and the door's width and thickness. For example. A door with 1-3/8-in thickness and up to 32 32 in width should be installed with a 3-1/2-in hardware hinge.

How Much Weight Can a Door Hinge Hold?

When comes to the installation of the furniture hinge, the above question is another problem we need to solve. We have to calculate whether the door hinge can hold the door, in case of the safety potential risk. In this question, we need to consider three things: type of hinges, the hardware used to secure hinges, and weight of the door.

Type of Door Hinge

The hinge is important. You could make a rough estimate about whether the door hinge is strong enough to hold your doors. For example. A clip on soft close hinge is capable of holding a door weighing 200 pounds up to 700 pounds and some can carry as much as 1,750 pounds. Some door & cabinet hinges are marked with the rated weight, but that doesn't mean that they could hold that much weight. You also consider the type of screw used to hold the hinges in place and the overall weight of your door.

The door hinge also can be divided into two types: heavy-duty hinges and light-duty door hinges.
●The heavy-duty door hinge is designed to provide support and stability for heavy doors (or gates or furniture lids) that have frequent use, such as hidden hinges, butt hinges & concealed hinges, and so on.

●The light-duty door hinges typically not used a ball bearing as a drawer slide and is more likely to be constructed from aluminum than stainless steel. The soft closing hinge is one of the most common light-duty door hinges used in the kitchen cabinet.

Type of Hardware Used to Secure Your Door

If your furniture hinge is secured with short little screws, then the door hinge is unable to hold a heavy-weight door. And, if you have no idea about what type of hardware was used for your door, you could unscrew one of the screws from the hinges to inspect the length of the screw.

Weight of the Door

Once you’ve measured the weight limits of the hinge and the hardware, it’s easy to find out the weight of your door.
If your door is made of hardwood, then it will be heavier than the softwood. Second, you also need to confirm whether your door is hollow or not. You could get the answer by tapping around the door with your finger. You’ll be able to hear a thud if it’s solid and more reverberation if it’s hollow.

How Much Weight Can A Cabinet Door Hold?

As same as the above mentioned, the weight that the cabinet door can hold depends on the types of door hinge, the hardware used to secure the door, and the door materials. You also can get a test to estimate how much weight can a cabinet door hold. You apply some weight to the door before you hang your object. If you hear any creakiness or feel any wiggle, the door likely can’t withstand much weight.
self closing cabinet hinges


All in all, the door, door hinge, and hardware all work together to create a strong door. If you want to hang some heavy items, you need to evaluate how much weight your door can hold. If you want to let your door hold heavier items, you could consult the door hinge manufacturers for the details of your door.