Ultimate Guide: Soft-Close Door Hinges VS Self-Close Door Hinges

Ultimate Guide: Soft-Close Door Hinges VS Self-Close Door Hinges

Door hinges are the one of the least seen components of the cabinet. However, they still are the most vital parts of the whole design process. Furthermore, when they go wrong, they would create a huge impact on your daily life use of the cabinet and the whole function of the cabinet. On this page, the author would give you a detail introduction about the soft close door hinges and self-close door hinges through the comparison of them.

Soft or Self-Close Door hinges: Diverse Definitions

Soft-close hinges have built-in hydraulics that has the ability to take over and ease the door closed silently when you close the door. The soft-close door hinges have relatively high safety and mute ability. The author would talk about their advantages in the following parts.
On the other hand, the self-close door hinges have a kind of hinge that has a built-in spring. When you close the cabinet door, the spring would take charge of the door in some time and pull the cabinet door closed with a tap. Therefore, you don’t need to face the dilemma that your hands are full and you have to figure out how to close the door.

Soft or Self-Close Door hinges: Major Difference

The major difference between soft-close door hinges and self-close door hinges is their method of closing the door. Because of the built-in spring, the self-close door hinges could pull itself close, when the user closes the door and the door is 2'' away from closing. As for the soft-close door hinges, it slowly and softly closes the door, when the door gets about 2’’ away from closing.

Which are better?

  Advantage 1 Advantage 2
Soft-Close Door Hinges Safe Silent
Self-Close Door Hinges Self Close Convenient

Frankly speaking, the soft close door hinges are better. However, they have their both advantages. You should purchase them, according to your needs.
Compared with the self-close door hinges, the soft close door hinges are more relatively safe and silent. It is because the soft-close door hinges gently close the door, even you try to bang the door shut. The soft door hinges are more suitable for families with children. It would reduce the potential risk that the children get fingers hurts. Also, it doesn’t create extra noise that annoys the baby sleeping.
You may often confront this scene: you have already pushed the door while turning to do something else, however, when you turn back and find the door is still hanging half-open. After that, you have to close the door again. Therefore, after a few days, when you close this door, you have to control your power to close the door, in case of the above-mentioned occasion happens again. The self-close door hinges could pull themselves close and without much effort. Therefore, you just simply push, the door could close itself automatically. It’s convenient for those who don’t want to waste time closing the door.


Both door hinges have their own advantages. The soft-close door hinges are the best choice for families with children or families who plan to have children. The people who live alone or have a rapid pace of life could use self-close door hinges. If you also are hunting for the great door hinge factory, Kolity must be your ideal choice! High quality, comprehensive sizes Door Hinge!