What is the Difference Between Hinge and Pivot Shower Doors?

What is the Difference Between Hinge and Pivot Shower Doors?

When it comes to designing a customized shower in a new house, there are considerable need to consider. You have to determine the types from the tiles to door hinge with your furniture supplier.

When you design you bath room, you firstly need to know is the shower door is the first thing you touch when you start to get showering, which may determine the feeling of the showering. Let's talk the door.

Hinge and Pivot shower doors are two of most common shower door for sale in New Zealand and UK. And what’s the difference between these two door? I will cover the differences between hinge shower doors and pivot shower doors.

Hinge Shower Door

The hinge shower door was constructed with the door sheet and hinge. Two robust hinges located on the top and the bottom of the door in the vertical level. It works like the normal hinge door, you can swing inward the door to open.

Some of the pros pivot shower door are:

●Large Opening

The hardware hinge allows the door open out at least 90 degrees which providing more extensive space. Therefore, it is the ideal door for those people with movement difficulties.

●Low Maintenance
There is no track at the bottom of the hinge shower door. Therefore, cleaning the door is a easy job.

●High compatibility
Two available designs in hinge shower door: Framed design and Frameless design. Therefore, it give you a certain freedom in the simple design of the door.

Because the variety of designs, it works on many types of showers. Therefore, you could got your door hinge dwg for your bathroom design from Hinges Hardware Manufacturer.

Cons of Hinged Shower Door:

●Take much Space
Because of the inward opening toward, the door swings into the bathroom, which would take up too much bathroom space. Therefore, you need ensure the intended showering space is large enough for the door to open fully, before purchasing the hinged door.

Pivot Shower Door

The pivot shower door also operates on a hing system. The ultimate difference between them is the hinge. The pivot hinges allows the door fully open in either direction.

The shower door pivot hinges on a pivot door can be installed on one side of the panel, like the hinged door. Or a single center pivot hinge can be installed, which could make the door become a revolving door.

Some of the pros of pivot shower door are:

●Easy to Install
The frameless design of the pivot shower door doesn’t require a lot of hardware. As for the semi-frameless, you need more harware to ensure the pivot doors could work.

●Easy to Clean
Without the use of the metal or plastic framework, the pivot shower door have no moisture accumulation. Therefore, you don’t need to pay additional attention to the cleaning of the mold and mildew.

The glass shower door hinge can be installed to carry weight at the bottom of the door, so as to make the shower door stable.

With its unique design and function, the pivot shower door is usually a bit more expensive than regular hinged shower door.


The ultimate difference between them is the hinges. The different door hinges make them have different advantages and disadvantages.These differences are concluded by China professional hardware hinge manufacturers. If you are want to choose the right shower door for your bathroom, you need to consult furniture hinge suppliers to find the get the perfect shower door.