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19 Jul 2022

How to Choose The Right Door Hinge & Cabinet Hinges

    When comes to the selection of the hardware hinge, the options seem endless. Each type of door hinge has unique features. And how to select the right door hinge for your cabinet and door? This post would cover how to select the right door hinge. Select your Door Overlay Style The door overlay

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    23 May 2022

    How Many Hinges Per Door

      When you plan to redesign your house, you may stop in front of the door and try to hang some decorations or other items on the doors. Before doing that, you need to know how much weight can a door hinge hold. If you are not, it is possible to lead to your hinge works at overloading and make the door

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      20 Dec 2021

      What is the Difference Between Hinge and Pivot Shower Doors?

        When it comes to designing a customized shower in a new house, there are considerable need to consider. You have to determine the types from the tiles to door hinge with your furniture supplier. When you design you bath room, you firstly need to know is the shower door is the first thing you

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        11 Oct 2021

        Ultimate Guide: Soft-Close Door Hinges VS Self-Close Door Hinges

          Door hinges are the one of the least seen components of the cabinet. However, they still are the most vital parts of the whole design process. Furthermore, when they go wrong, they would create a huge impact on your daily life use of the cabinet and the whole function of the cabinet. On this page, t

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          17 Jun 2021

          All Kolity Man Make Concerted Efforts For Epidemic Prevention

                 Since the end of 2019, the COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in many regions and countries around the world, devastating all of humanity, and we have paid a heavy price for it. The epidemic is also gradually under control through the efforts of the world now. China has taken many effect

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