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  • K5-2-201 Stainless Steel Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2-201 Stainless Steel Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2-201 Stainless Steel Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2-201 Stainless Steel Hinge For Wooden Door

K5-2-201 Stainless Steel Hinge For Wooden Door


 *All Stainless Steel
*Brand New Two-Way Soft Close
*Easy Installation With Strong Fastening

Features of Stainless Steel Hinges:

Stainless Steel Hinges
●Water-proof Hinge  ●Stainless Steel  ●Brand New Two-Way Soft Close  ●Easy Installation with Strong Fastening

What Furniture Hinge Factory Can Offer?

Stainless Steel Hinges

●Fully armed with copper damper and stainless steel bar
●New attractive shape with aircraft shaped mounting plate
●High quality stainless steel raw materials, can reach level 9 after 72 hours of salt spray test
●Easy installation with strong fastening, ABS buckle & Stainless steel buckle for option

Parameters of Hydraulic Hinge

Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless Steel Hinges
Product Information  
Name: Clip on 201 Hydraulic Hinge
Quality Standard: Grade 3of EN15570
Open Angle: 100°±5°
Range of Door Thickness: 15-25mm
Depth of Hinge Cup 11.5mm
Diameter of Hinge Cup: 35mm
Depth Adjustment: -3.5mm/+3.5mm
Cover Adjustment: 0-5mm
Base Adjustment: -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Hinge Cup Material: 0.7mm 201 stainless steel
Hinge Plate Material: 1.0mm 201 stainless steel
Hinge Arm Material 1.0mm 201 stainless steel

Installation of Hinge Cup

K5-2-201 Series
Commodity: K5-2-201 Series Clip-on Hydraulic Hinge
Item No.: K5-2-201/022A-NKB4-0T(full overlay)
K5-2-201/022B-NKB4-0T(half overlay)
Material: stainless steel 201
Finish: stainless steel 201 Plated
Type: Clip-on
Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm
Panel Size: 3-7mm
Door thickness: 15-25mm
Door adjustable: 3-dimensional
Cover adjustment: 0-4mm
Depth adjustment: -3.5mm/+3.5mm
Base adjustment: -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Opening angle: 100°±5°
Thickness of cup: 0.7mm
Thickness of arm: 1.0mm
Product function: Soft close
Product type Two way/One way
Optional accessories: Cup cap; arm cap; screws
Optional plate: 4-holes plate
Cycle test: 60 000 times
Salt spray test: 48 hours/Grade 9
MOQ: 20 000 pcs
OEM: More than 20 000 pcs can be OEM
Packing: 2 pcs/polybag, 100 pcs/ctn (can pack as customers requirements)
QTY 180 000 pcs/ctr
Supply ability: 6 000 000 pcs/month
Delivery time: Normally within 45 days after receiving deposit
Payment: 30%deposit, 70% against BL copy.
Sample offer: Less than 30 pcs as free samples, but express charge will be beared by buyer.
Sample arrangement: Samples will be prepared to sending in about 3 working days.
Sample delivery: DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT: 3-5 days; EMS: 7 days
Fix-on/Clip-on Two-way Hydraulic Hinge
Quality standard: Grade 3 of EN15570
Range of door thickness:15-25mm
Diameter of hinge cup:35mm
Depth of hinge cup:11.5mm
Cover adjustment: 0-5mm
Depth adjustment:-3.5mm/+3.5mm
Base adjustment: -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Hinge Cup Materials: stainless steel 201
Hinge Arm Materials: stainless steel 201

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