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  • K5-2 Hydraulic Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2 Hydraulic Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2 Hydraulic Hinge For Wooden Door
  • K5-2 Hydraulic Hinge For Wooden Door

K5-2 Hydraulic Hinge For Wooden Door


*Brand New Two-Way Soft Close
*Easy Installation With Strong Fastening
*Clip-on Two-way Hydraulic Hinge
*Snake-bite Shape Buckle Button

What is A Soft Closing Hinge?

The soft closing hinge is a new design hydraulic hinge for door. The soft closing hinge is backed with a built-in hydraulic mechanism so that whenever a door is closed with force, the mechanism takes over and makes the door close gently and silently.

How Does Soft Closing Hinge Work?

With the Built-in hydraulic mechanism system, the hydraulics take in charge of the door and ease the door closed in complete silence in somewhat of a gliding motion, when the user close the door.

Can Regualr Hinges be Converted to Soft Closing Hinge?

It depends the size and design of your cabinet. It is possible to convert a cabinet with a soft closing hinge to stop the loud noises associated with opening and shutting your cabinets.

Infos of Soft Closing Hinge

Hydraulic Hinge For Door
●Brand New Two-Way Soft Close  ●Easy Installation with Strong Fastening 
●Brand New Two-Way ●Snake-bite Shaped Buckle Button
Hydraulic Hinge For Door

How to Separate Full Overly/Half Overlay/Inset?

●Full Overlay: Door can cover the side panel.
●Half Overlay: Side panel can share two doors
●Inset: Side panel and door are on the same level.


Hydraulic Hinge For Door
Product Information  
Name Clip on Hydraulic Hinge
Quality Standard Grade 3 of EN15570
Open Angle 100°±5°
Range of Door Thickness 12-25mm
Diameter of Hinge Cup 35mm
Depth of Hinge Cup 11.5mm
Cover Adjustment 0-5mm
Depth Adjustment -3.5mm/+3.5mm
Base Adjustment -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Hinge Cup Material 0.7mm nickle plated
Hinge Arm Material 1.2mm nickle plated
Hinge Plate Material 1.2mm nickle plated

Installation of Hinge Cup

Hydraulic Soft Closing Door HingeHydraulic Soft Closing Door HingeHydraulic Soft Closing Door Hinge
Hydraulic Soft Closing Door Hinge

Why Choose Kolity?

“Kolity” was named after the transliteration of the English word "Quality". Kolity is one of the greatest hydraulic hinge manufacturers in China, taking pride in our dedication to providing you with good quality hydraulic hinges for wardrobe, hydraulic hinge for cabinet, and hydraulic hinge for door. In addition, we also give the most professional service for you to get the right and best hardware hinge.  
K5-2 Series
Commodity: K5-2 Series Clip-on Hydraulic Hinge
Item No.: K5-2-022A/NK4B-0T(full overlay)
K5-2-022B/NK4B-0T(half overlay)
Material: Cold roolled steel
Finish: Nickel Plated
Type: Clip-on
Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm
Panel Size: 3-7mm
Door thickness: 15-25mm
Door adjustable: 3-dimensional
Cover adjustment: 0-5mm
Depth adjustment: -3.5mm/+3.5mm
Base adjustment: -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Opening angle: 100°±5°
Thickness of cup: 0.7mm Cold-rolled Steel with Nickle Plating
Thickness of arm: 1.2mm Cold-rolled Steel with Nickle Plating
Product function: Soft close Cold-rolled Steel with Nickle Plating
Product type Two way
Optional accessories: Cup cap; arm cap; screws
Optional plate: 4-holes plate
Cycle test: 40 000 times
Salt spray test: 48 hours/Grade 9
MOQ: 20 000 pcs
OEM: More than 20 000 pcs can be OEM
Packing: 2 pcs/polybag, 100 pcs/ctn (can pack as customers requirements)
QTY 180 000 pcs/ctr
Supply ability: 6 000 000 pcs/month
Delivery time: Normally within 30 days after receiving deposit
Payment: 30%deposit, 70% against BL copy.
Sample offer: Less than 30 pcs as free samples, but express charge will be beared by buyer.
Sample arrangement: Samples will be prepared to sending in about 3 working days.
Sample delivery: DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT: 3-5 days; EMS: 7 days
Clip-on Two-way Hydraulic Hinge
Quality standard: Grade 3 of EN15570
Range of door thickness:15-25mm
Diameter of hinge cup:35mm
Depth of hinge cup:11.5mm
Cover adjustment: 0-5mm
Depth adjustment:-3.5mm/+3.5mm
Base adjustment: -2.5mm/+2.5mm
Hinge Cup Materials: steel & nickel-plated
Hinge Arm Materials: steel & nickel-plated

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