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Pivot Hinge

The pivot hinge is a hardware system that allows a door to use a pivot system rather than the traditional “butt” hinge. Usually, the pivot hinges are specific with heavier, wider, or high-traffic doors. Therefore, pivot hinge for heavy wood doors often can be found in the hardware industry. Compared with the traditional hinge, it can carry the heavier door, because of the change of the supporting objects. The weight of the door is supported by the bottom unit and the floor rather than the door frame. Also, the single pivot hinge can be used in home furniture that provides users with convenience.

Z1-Z4  Soft Close Pivot Hinge

Z1-Z4 Soft Close Pivot Hinge

Soft Close Pivot  Hydraulic Hinge Open Angle:270° A Door To The Top Colourful Collocation Zinc-alloy Materials: Powder Coating Aluminum-alloy Materials: Oxidation  

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